How do I create and use trading bots with Coygo Terminal?

See our guide: How to create, configure & run crypto trading bots

How do crypto arbitrage bots work?

Please see our crypto arbitrage FAQ: Coygo Terminal crypto abitrage FAQ

Does Coygo Terminal offer triangular arbitrage trading bots?

Yes! Coygo Terminal can run fully real-time triangular arbitrage trading bots that can detect arbitrage opportunities in milliseconds on any supported exchange. For an overview of our fully automated triangular arbitrage trading bot, please view the following post: Master Crypto Triangular Arbitrage With Coygo's New Trading Bot

Are Coygo Terminal's crypto trading bots profitable?

Whether or not your trading bot is profitable depends on a number of conditions, including: your bot's configuration, which exchanges your bot is using, how close you are to the exchanges you're using, your internet connection speed, how other traders are interacting with order books, and a number of other factors. Coygo provides no guarantee that your trading bots will make a profit, we only provide the tools to allow you to find the configuration that works for you. Execution risk is always present, always trade at your own risk.

Can I try trading bots without using my real money?

Yes, you can run your bots in Test Mode. In Test Mode your bot will only simulate trading (a.k.a. "paper trading"), no real orders will be submitted to exchanges. You can use Test Mode to see how a bot would react to the market using different bot strategies and configurations.

Can I run multiple trading bots simultaneously?

See Can I run more than one trading bot at a time with Coygo Bots?

Why does Coygo Terminal recommend shutting down other applications like Google Chrome while trading bots are running?

Coygo Terminal is different than most other trading bots. Your exchange account credentials (API keys) are only stored encrypted on your machine, not Coygo's servers. That means that Coygo's servers never have access to your accounts. It also means that all trades must be submitted directly from your machine, not our servers. When you run a trading bot, Coygo Terminal establishes a real-time websocket data feed between your machine and each exchange, and your trading bots will run calculations on your machine using that data. These real-time calculations are CPU and memory-intensive, so we recommend freeing up as much computing power as possible on your machine so that Coygo Terminal's trading bots can run as fast as possible.