For a quick introduction to Coygo Terminal's trading bots, see our blog post: Crypto trading bots with Coygo Terminal — Simple, secure, and fast.

1: Select a Bot Strategy and name your bot

Go to the "My Strategies" to select a Bot Strategy. Different Strategies have different types of behavior, such as arbitrage or grid trading.

2: Configure your new Bot

Each bot strategy has its own set of configuration options for you to customize how the bot operates. Alongside each input is a descriptive label to provide more information on what each configuration options does.

3. Run your bot in Test Mode

Once you've created your bot and customized your strategy you can run your Bot in Test Mode on the "Run" screen for this Bot. This allows you to see how the bot would operate given a certain configuration, but the bot will only simulated trading and won't submit real orders to exchanges or use your real wallets and funds.

When you've configured your bot run and are ready to start the bot, you'll click "Run Bot" button seen in the lower of the screenshot above.

You'll be shown a disclaimer with some information about how the bot will operate, clicking "I accept, run the bot" will start the bot's execution!

The next screen will show your Bot as it's running. Here you'll see the relevant wallet balances, submitted orders, market data, and an activity log of what the Bot is doing on each interval.

4. Run your bot with Test Mode disabled

After finding a configuration that works for you in Test Mode, you can disable Test Mode in the bot run configuration when starting a new bot run . You can select a maximum run time for the bot to stop if you'd like, such as to try letting it run for a couple of hours at first.

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