Step 1. Navigate to Coinbase Pro

  • Log into your account

If you haven't used this computer in a long time or ever, you may see a screen like this:

If that is the case, you will want to click the confirmation email they sent you.

Step 2. Hover over your profile and Click API

Step 3. Click New API Key

Step 4. Create an API with the correct permissions

  • Make sure you select View, Transfer, and Trade.
  • Note: You will need to remember the passphrase, so make sure you create a strong one and store it somewhere.
  • IP Whitelisting is optional, but a secure way to lock down your API keys.
  • If you haven't setup Two factor authentication, check Step 5. 

Step 5. Setup Two Factor Authentication (skip if you have already done this)

Step 7: Navigate to the Exchanges tab in Coygo and click on Coinbase Pro

Step 6. Copy the API key, API secret, the API passphrase, and your Coygo password into Coygo desktop trading application