This guide includes some common solutions to issues when the Coygo app isn't able to update transactions data from your connected exchanges. Transaction data is refreshed periodically and after certain events, so when you first see an issue you can wait a minute and see if the data succeeds to refresh on the next interval.

1. Computer time is out of sync

Some exchanges (such as Binance, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro) require your computer's clock to be accurately synchronized for security purposes . If your transactions data is failing to update, please ensure that your operating system's time is synchronized with the internet. Please see this guide for assistance with doing this on Windows or Mac. You may need to restart your computer after synchronizing the operating system's time.

2. API key was created using a different IP address

When you're creating an API key for Coygo to use, some exchanges (such as Binance) require you to lock that API key to a specific IP address.  This is a security feature so that if someone steals your API key, they are unable to control your account since their machine has a different IP address. If your transactions data is failing to update, please ensure that your IP address is the same as when you created your API keys. If this is not possible you may need to create a new API key.

You will have a different IP address if you're at a different office or home, if you're using a different router, if you're on a different wifi or internet network, or if your network is configured to dynamically change IP addresses. You will want to ensure that your computer always has the same IP address.

If you are unable to use the same IP address as when you created the API key, and you are unable to create a new API key, you can temporarily disconnect the exchange to continue using Coygo without seeing any errors.