Step 1: Login to Poloniex

Step 2: Select API Keys from the Navigation Bar

Select the API keys from the wrench in the top right navigation bar

It will bring you this url: and will look like this:

Step 3: Enable an API Access 

Step 4: Create New API Key 

Once you click "Create API Key" it will ask you to enter your 2FA (if you have it turned on) and then send you an email confirmation. 

Step 5: Active the API Key

The email you receive will look like this:

Step 6: Enable Trading and Withdrawal on the API Key

To use Coygo Desktop application full functionality, you should check "Trading" and "Withdrawals". It will prompt you to check your email again (and 2FA if turned on). You may restrict IP address if you plan to use the Coygo Desktop application in the same place. Once you activate by clicking the email link, it will look like this.  You can click "Show" to see the API Secret below the API Key.

After you click "Show" you will see the API Secret below the API Key, like in the screenshot below. 

Step 7: Restrict IP addresses to only your machine's IP address

In the "IP Access Restriction" box you can select, "Unrestricted (Less Secure)" or "Restrict access to trusted IPS only (Recommended)". For security reasons we highly recommend restricting to only your current IP address, as long as you will always have the same IP address on your machine.  To do this, you must click "Edit" in the "Trusted IPs" section and add your current IP addresses as a trusted IP by typing it into the text box. Your current IP address is shown to you below the "Edit" button, it will say "Your current IP is <your IP>".

Step 8: Go to the "Exchanges" screen in the Coygo app and click "Poloniex" icon

Now that you have your API key and secret, you can add it to Coygo to connect the exchange! Visit the "Exchanges" screen in the Coygo app.

Step 9: Enter the required information on the Store Poloniex API key page

When prompted for your API key and secret, enter the credentials that you were given by Poloniex. You will also be required to enter your Coygo password (so we can verify it is you who wants to make the change). Then click "Submit". 

If the API credentials are valid, it will be stored on your machine.